Client: Confidential

Location: UK

Services: D&B Turn key

Quantum Metrology Labs

Design, build and commission multiple close control labs to 0.1⁰C, 0.1m/s, NR15-25 above 50hz, Vibration free & EMI Resistant.

A 360 degree project

The new facility is being used for research into quantum technologies including the measurement of sub-atomic particles.

MA24 were responsible for the design, build, installation of all critical engineering systems including commissioning and stability mapping of the metrology laboratories.

This project pushed the boundaries of building services controls capabilities. An example of this were the sensors used to control temperatures of less than 0.1°C. The sensors required an accuracy greater than any UKAS laboratory in the UK could calibrate to. Selected sensors were calibrated in a specialist calibration lab to an error of less than 0.005˚C inclusive of the combined standard uncertainty budget. 

Humidity control and velocity mapping required similar complex solutions with more information about the project available on request.

Key features of the facility:

  • ISO 8 classified spaces
  • Room Temp Control ± 0.1°C located anywhere in the controlled zone
  • Room Velocity Avg ≤ 0.25m/s across the controlled zone
  • Acoustic & Infrasound Limits:
    • 70dB in every 3rd octave band between 1Hz and 50Hz in all areas with specialist labs having the infrasound performance above 50Hz between NR15-25.
  • Vibration Isolation
    • 1 to 4 Hz VC-F
    • 4 to 10 Hz VC-G
    • 10 to 100 Hz VC-G
  • Electromagnetic Interference
    • DC-30 Hz @ 3 nT rms in time intervals of 10 s
    • AC-50 Hz @ <= 10 nT (rms)