Client: IMEC

Location: Lueven, Belgium

Services: Design, Commissioning & Qualification

2000m² ISO 6 Cleanroom Expansion

MEP Design works including the detailed automation and safety controls for the construction of an ISO 6 cleanroom with over 70 systems integrated. From General HVAC to specific gas detection/monitoring systems integrated into one control system.

new state-of-the-art facility

MA24 have worked in partnership with other companies to deliver detailed design, commissioning & qualification services of a €50,000,000 cleanroom expansion in IMEC Leuven.

 The works covered more than 70 different systems that have been designed, commissioned and qualified to meet the compliance requirements of both the client and industry standards.

Extending the existing cleanroom, the new state-of-the-art facility complies with the newest standards in the semiconductor industry and provides additional space for the most advanced tools that will lead innovations in new device and system concepts.

Key features of the facility

  • ISO 6 cleanrooms
  • Extension to fully operational microelectronics R&D facility
  • +70 systems
  • Fully qualified in accordance with Client & industry standards/regulations