J Mould

Client: J Mould

Location: Reading

Services: Project Delivery including: Design, procurement, cost management and construction.

Thermal Treatment Facility processing 150,000 TPA of RDF & Generating 10MWe of Power.

Design of facility from Concept stage integrating client selected process. BIM environment, multi-disciplinary, extensive work with Planning Consultant to achieve Planning for the project.

The client’s strategic vision is to process “1million tonnes per annum of waste” and develop a wraparound business for themselves to occupy and operate.

Planning permission has been granted to create a sizeable development including two significant schemes on the client’s land.  Primarily, the first relates to installation of an Energy Recovery Centre (“ERC”) which will be able to process 150,000 tonnes/pa of fuel/feedstock, generating 9.1MW of electricity.  With over 50 years working in this sector, the ERC is the ideal solution for the client to utilise the feedstock it creates from its current operations in specialist demolition and recycling.

Key features of the facility

The ERC facility can accommodate up to three process lines (each able to produce 75,000 tonnes/pa of fuel/feedstock), a single line initially will be installed, to ensure the very best optimisation of the feedstock and then immediately, progress with the second and third lines.

The ERC facility has two 20MW lines that raise steam to power a single steam turbine driving a generator producing up to 9.1MW.  

Planning permission has also been granted for an additional project alongside the ERC for the development of a 7,500m2 Data Centre which will be powered using the output energy from the neighbouring ERC facility.