Catalent Pharmaceutical

Client: Catalent Pharmaceutical

Location: Swindon

Services: Design, Construction, Qualification

Novel API Processing Facility

Multi-disciplined integrated 3D design, procurement, construction, commissioning and qualification.

MA24 has designed and constructed the new process facility for Catalent.

The new facility is fitted out with Grade D cleanrooms for the production of coated API powder used in the manufacture of Zydis Ultra. 

The process incorporates the automated unloading and transfer of raw materials through a novel production process utilising robotic lifting devices, automated tracking and tracing of dispensed materials and use of automated wash cycles.

The project incorporates a 2,000  m2 extension to the existing facilities.

MA24 team members have lead each stage of design and construction from the point of feasibility through concept, basic engineering, detailed design construction and qualification. 

Key features of the facility

  • Grade D GMP cleanrooms
  • Extension to fully operational pharmaceutical production facility
  • Fully automated powder handling system
  • Robotic handling system
  • Batch handling paperless systems
  • Fully qualified in accordance with EU GMP
  • Newly installed and qualified purified water generation and distribution system
  • BREEAM very good
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Catalent Pharmaceutical development project